Just when many thought Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch wouldn't get signed, they both manage to ink out deals this week. Adrian Peterson told ESPN's Josina Anderson that he would be signing with the New Orleans Saints earlier in the week. Peterson was on the free agent for a while now, and many believed he wouldn't find a team until training camp.

Marshawn Lynch was traded to the Raiders from the Seahawks, as Seattle still held his rights. These additions will significantly improve both teams, but which player will have the bigger impact on their team?

Health Impact

Adrian Peterson and Marshawn Lynch will be coming into the new NFL season in different ways. Adrian Peterson is coming off and injury riddled year, where he only played three games last season. Peterson had a torn meniscus early in the year but was able to return late in the season. He injured himself again when he came back and was officially out for the rest of the season. Peterson is a dominant runner when healthy, but he will need to prove to players and himself that he can still perform and help out this Saints team.

He won't be having to shoulder the load like he is used to, as the Saints have a 1,000 yard running back in Mark Ingram. Peterson will need to prove he's healthy and be able to accept his new role in a running back by committee system.

Marshawn Lynch is coming off a year where he was in retirement. This is an advantage, as he wasn't being pounded by the defense or had to deal with any injuries, unlike Peterson. Lynch had time to get in shape, and make himself stronger, as Peterson wasn't able to do much until he was completely healed from injury.

Even though the year off is good, Marshawn will need to get used to running between the tackles again, as Peterson is used to the contact.

Lynch dealt with injuries when he last played, but having a year off allowed him to get 100 percent. Lynch might be getting more carries than Peterson, which might give him more chances to be injured, as the Raiders lost Latavius Murray in free agency.

On the Field Impact

Both Lynch and Peterson have similar running styles. They are both downhill runners who don't mind putting their shoulders down to run people over.

Peterson will be going to a team that has a seasoned veteran at quarterback by the name of. Brees will do his job by shredding defenses with his passing ability.

But in a league where a running back is becoming more of a passing option, Peterson might struggle. Throughout his career, he hasn't been a good receiver, and Drew Brees might rely on him in passing situations. This might be a job for Ingram, as he has been a reliable receiver. The Saints might make Peterson strictly a runner, but if Ingram gets hurt, they will be at a disadvantage.

The Saints also keep the back in some plays for pass protection, something Peterson isn't the best at as well. Peterson isn't a do it all back, and he might've realized that, signing with a team that compensates for his offensive drawbacks.

Lynch, on the other hand, brings a complete game compared to Peterson. Lynch is a man amongst boys running the ball and isn't afraid of contact. This is where these two backs are alike, but this is as far as it goes. Lynch has proven that he is a better receiver, and with Derek Carr at the helm, this will be a dominant combo.

Not to mention Amari Cooper and Crabtree will force safeties to stay back. Lynch's running and pass catching abilities make him a two-headed monster on the field. When he is called upon to pass block, he can lay some of the biggest people down, giving Carr more time. Lynch is a more of a complete back than Peterson, and that will help the Raiders immensely.

Peterson and Lynch will both be great additions to their teams, but Lynch will have the bigger impact on the field.

He can beat you running the ball or catching the ball, and his running game will be better since he has had a year off.

Not to mention he is running behind one of the best offensive lines in football. Peterson will take his licks as the Saints line is unproven to this point. These 30-year old back found new homes, and many will be excited to see them back on the field.