On Sunday evening, Oklahoma City Thunder guard Russell Westbrook achieved history, recording his 42nd triple-double for the 2016-17 NBA season. The OKC All-Star and NBA MVP candidate had needed just one more assist late in the third quarter. After sitting out the final minutes of that quarter, he was reinserted in the fourth and was able to achieve the feat. The latest triple-double helped him surpass NBA legend Oscar Robertson for the most in a season. If that wasn't enough the way the game finished out gave Westbrook and his fans even more reason to be excited.

Westbrook's stat line

In his latest outing, Russell Westbrook finished with another impressive stat line for his team. Today against the Denver Nuggets on the road he had 50 points, 16 rebounds, and 10 assists. For today's game, Westbrook shot 17-of-32 field goals and hit five of the 12 three-pointers he took. He also was perfect from the charity stripe, hitting all 11 free throws he took.

The record comes several days after Westbrook became the second player in NBA history to average a triple-double for his season stats, joining Oscar Robertson. For this season, Westbrook averaged double-digits in scoring, rebounding, and assists for the latest season while helping lead his team to a playoff spot.

Game goes down to wire

While Westbrook achieved history, the Denver Nuggets were looking to prevent themselves from being eliminated from the NBA Playoff picture. However, this one went right down to the final buzzer. OKC trailed by 10 points with just about three minutes left in the game, but the Thunder charged back. Before fans in the building knew it, the Oklahoma City Thunder were trailing by just two with under 30 seconds left.

With Denver up 105-103, Nikola Jokic missed on his 10-foot running jumper. Westbrook snatched another rebound and OKC called a full timeout. From there, a play was set up in which Steven Adams passed the ball to Westbrook who nailed a game-winning three.

With that, the NBA MVP frontrunner finished with a 50-point game, a buzzer-beater, an OKC win, and NBA history!

With that, the Denver Nuggets have been eliminated from any more playoff contention, sealing the West's top eight teams. Portland will get the No. 8 seed. The Oklahoma City Thunder will have a first-round series with the No. 3 seed Houston Rockets. OKC has another game coming up in which the home fans can honor Westbrook for this amazing season before he and the Thunder begin their postseason push.