While the Philadelphia Eagles have focused on defense in the first three rounds of the 2017 NFL draft, the team does still have some need for offensive weapons. While fourth round picks tend not to be the best of the best, there are still some players out there that the Eagles could find a use for in the upcoming season.

Philadelphia entered the draft with a glaring need at running back. After taking a couple of very good defensive players in the first few rounds, they still have that glaring need. The team would be well suited to grab itself yet another wide receiver as well, even if the two free agent signings are able to beat him out on the depth chart.

So just who is left? Who might still make a difference? There are a couple of names Eagles fans should still get excited about.

Wayne Gallman could be the next target of the Philadelphia Eagles

With all the talk about the big time running backs that are in this draft class, you can be excused if you’ve never heard of Wayne Gallman. Gallman isn’t going to be a game breaker, but he could be a nice change of pace back and he has all the tools that are needed to be at least a capable backup. The former Clemson Tiger led the team in rushing each of the last three years and set a school record with more than 1,500 yards in the 2015 season.

While his yardage took a step back in the 2016 season, running for just 1,133 yards, his touchdowns went up.

Gallman finished the season with 17 touchdowns and he finished his Clemson career with 34 total touchdowns. Even better than his rushing numbers is that he is also someone who can catch while running both inside and outside. He’s considered a pretty decent blocker as well.

Malachi Dupre could be an under the radar player for the Philadelphia Eagles

When looking for a possession type receiver later in the draft, Malachi Dupre might be one that doesn’t get Eagles fans excited but he probably should. There is very little doubt the LSU receiver suffered quite a bit from some pretty below average quarterback play.

Even with that less than spectacular play Dupre managed to catch nearly 100 passes over the course of his career. Like Gallman, his best season was 2015, when he hauled down 43 passes for 698 yards and six touchdowns.

What makes Dupre a target, especially in the fourth round or later, is the fact that he stands 6-3. It would be nice for the Eagles to get yet another tall possession receiver who can make the tough catch.