The Indiana Pacers were fighting for their playoff lives against the Cleveland Cavaliers on Sunday afternoon. The Pacers managed to get the game close, but they eventually lost 106-102. They were swept by the defending champs, going fishing rather quickly this postseason.

With their season ending, they now have to answer the question of what will happen to their superstar Paul George. He was on fire the second half of the season and was the key piece in the Pacers playoff push. Paul George has to decide on his future, but as of now, he told reporters he isn't in the mindset to do so.

No comment from Paul George

After the game four loss on Sunday, Paul George sat down at his final press conference and attempted to answer questions with the loss still on his mind. He was asked by Bob Kravitz if he wanted to stay in Indiana and how would he proceed into the offseason.

According to the Sporting News, Paul simply answered "I ain't even at that point yet Bob. Next question."

Nate Taylor tried to take a crack at getting insight into George's future, asking him what would the Pacers need to do or say to convince him they are heading in the right direction.

George again replied with "Again, I'll wait for that time, I'll wait for that time. Exit meetings are tomorrow; I'll wait for that time."

George will need to think long and hard about his future, as it looks like is talents are being wasted in Indiana.

Jeff Teague is an impending free agent, which would leave a hole in the point guard spot. George might not be ready to comment on his future with the Pacers, but he needs to take some time to see where he can win a championship, as that is a player's ultimate goal.

Time to go?

Paul George's contract runs until the 2017-18 season.

He is 26-years old and is right in the middle of his prime years. This year the Pacers were 42-40 and were fighting for a playoff spot until the final night of the NBA regular season.

The Pacers haven't put the right talent around George, as they are lacking talent from the bench and even in some spots in the starting lineup.

George has averaged 23 PPG in back to back seasons, showing that he can be a star player and lead a team. But as Russell Westbrook is learning, you need pieces around you in order to be one of the elite teams.

George has a player option so it would be up to him if he wanted out of Indiana when his contract runs out. He might have a reason to stay, or 75 million reasons. In the new CBA, if George makes any of the three All-NBA teams, the Pacers can offer him an extra $75 million in his next contract. Money talks, but George needs to know if the Pacers will be willing to put talent around him so they can more competitive in the coming years.

George knows that his prime years aren't be used the right way, but will the money keep him in Indiana?

There were rumors about George possibly going back to his hometown Lakers team that seem to be moving in the right direction with their draft picks and young talent on the roster.

Paul George will have a tough offseason ahead, as he has to determine his future in Indiana. He wants to win a championship with a great team around him, but will money make him reconsider leaving? George might want to take some time off and look at his options, as this is a decision that will determine the future of his career.