The Rockets were in Oklahoma City to face the Thunder in game four of the first round of the NBA playoffs The Rockets lost game three thanks to a triple-double from Russell Westbrook. Game four the Thunder jumped out to an early lead, and the Rockets needed to find some answers at the half. When the fourth quarter started it was a lot of bad offense and crazy plays. At the end, it was Harden and Nene who carried the Rockets to a game four win 113-108. The Rockets got a critical win and now have a 3-1 lead over Westbrook and the Thunder, who let this game get away from them.

Fourth Quarter Madness

The Thunder had a 77-73 lead heading into the fourth quarter of the game. The Rockets played with strategy in the fourth by fouling Thunder guard Andre Roberson when the Thunder were in the bonus, causing him to shoot free throws. Roberson had the second-lowest free throw percentage in the NBA during the regular season, and it showed in this game. He shot 2-12 from the foul line, which allowed the Rockets to chip at the lead. The game was tight in the final two minutes, as James Harden hit a critical step back jumper. Harden struggled for the majority of the game, shooting 5-16 from the field. The Rockets got a clutch performance from Nene, who shot a perfect 12-12 from the field with 28 points.

He hit a key and-one bucket to seal the deal for the Rockets late in the fourth. Russell Westbrook tried to keep his team in it, draining three after three.

Slipped Away

The Thunder had the better game on the court, but they let the game slip away from them late. Many could be critical of head coach Billy Donovan's decision to keep Roberson in the game late, despite his struggles from the field.

Roberson is a great defender so Donovan was more worried about stopping Harden and the Rockets with Roberson than his free throws. Westbrook had a triple-double before halftime but was shooting up very tough shots in the second half and it came back to cost the Thunder. The Thunder squandered an 11 point lead and let the Rockets steal on that the Thunder had right in their hands.

The Thunder had the higher shooting percentage from the field and from three-point range, fewer turnovers, and more assists than the Rockets. The Thunder made some bad plays late including not fouling the Rockets when it was a one-point game with under 20 seconds left. The Thunder let this one slip away, and their season might've slipped away as well.

The Thunder are stuck in a 3-1 hole heading back to Houston for game five. The Rockets will be looking to close out this series and move on into the conference semifinals. The Thunder will attempt to comeback down 3-1, needing to win two games in Houston to do so. Game five will be Tuesday at 8 p.m. EST on TNT.