It's finally playoff time in the NBA, and LeBron James and his Cleveland Cavaliers are focused on just one thing, and that's defending their NBA championship trophy. The Cavs will start their road to the 2017 championship in the first round against the young and talented Indiana Pacers team, led by Paul George. This team is dangerous and can score in bunches, so the Cavaliers will need to be ready. As LeBron stated in a recent interview at the Cavs practice facility "We gotta have our mind sharp and our bodies as fresh as possible, heading into game one on Saturday."

While LeBron's group didn't finish the regular season very well, losing more than they were winning at the tail end of the season.

King James still has the utmost confidence in the roster and their capabilities in this year's postseason.

LeBron talks about the Cavaliers chances

Reporters were bombarding LeBron James with questions about his feelings on the Cavaliers heading into the playoffs. Despite what some may think, LeBron has no worries on his mind. He's feeling good about himself, and about his team at this time of the season. LeBron mentioned, "We have a good club going into the postseason, that's all you can ask for." After recently signing 7'3 Edy Tavares and former Cav Dahntay Jones, LBJ seems to be satisfied with Cleveland's group of guys running alongside him into battle. LeBron got straight to the point when on the topic of defending his team's NBA championship, saying:

"We have a good chance to win it all...

we have to be very determined... we have to be smart and execute our game plan."

There is nothing more the King would want to do this year than to defend his championship crown, and with this profound confidence, he may very well be on a path to do so. We all know LeBron James is always on the top of his game in the playoffs, the questions will be more about if his teammates are ready for the challenge, helping their superstar in tough times.

Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love now have playoff experience under their belt, and should be able to assist the King in times of need.

LeBron will keep this one silent

"I got the answer, I'm not giving it to you," is the response LeBron James had to a question asking why does he believe the Cavaliers have a great chance to win it all.

LeBron didn't go into depth when talking about it; he just left it at "I feel like we got a great chance."

Some can speculate about the answer LeBron has on his mind but refuses to let out, but what we do know is that any team with the kid from Akron in charge, will have a good chance at winning it all. Whether that's what LeBron was thinking or not, it's certainly a proven statement. LeBron has led his team to the NBA finals in each of the last six seasons, and he will be looking to make it 7-straight this year. The statistics tell the story, the Cavs have a great chance at winning a ring once again, solely because King James is at the helm.