The Cleveland Cavaliers’ playoff slogan has always been “Defend the Land,” indicating that the team must defend Cleveland by winning a championship. It’s a slogan they’ve used the last few years, which has become popular within the fan base. However, the Golden State Warriors, who have become Cleveland’s biggest rivalr, have a new slogan of their own that is very similar to the Cavs'.

Golden State’s new slogan

For years, the Warriors have used “Strength in Numbers” as their playoff slogan but changed it up for this season. During yesterday’s game against the Portland Trail Blazers, the Warriors handed out golden t-shirts that read, “Defend Our Ground.” Sound familiar?

J.R. Smith trolls Warriors on Instagram

Apparently, Golden State’s new slogan caught the attention of many people, even Cleveland’s own J.R. Smith, who took a shot at the Warriors with his latest Instagram comment. Smith commented with a bunch of laughing emojis under DJ Steph Floss,' (Cleveland's arena DJ) post about Golden State's new motto.

Smith is very active on social media and isn’t afraid to give his opinion on such things. His comment on Instagram was simply genius. The Warriors have indeed made themselves a laughing stock with this new mimicking slogan, as fans on Twitter are even trolling them.

Why the change?

The slogan change comes at a very unusual time. It’s not certain if the Warriors are indeed trying to secretly troll the Cavaliers, but they are the ones currently getting mocked all over the Internet.

“Strength in Numbers” worked well for them, so the change is extremely questionable.

The Warriors haven’t given any explanation as to why they had to change their slogan, but they will be rolling with it for the remainder of the playoffs. Let’s see if they can comply with their new motto and actually defend their ground to win a title again now that they have a new-look team with Kevin Durant on board.

So far the Warriors are off to a great start, beating the feisty Portland Trail Blazers Sunday afternoon, 121-109. Everyone expects them to make the NBA Finals once again, as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers. When that happens, we will have “Defend Our Ground” versus “Defend the Land” going head-to-head.

The Warriors will be back in action on Wednesday for Game 2 at Oracle Arena.