WWE legend Jim Ross is very excited about the future in store for the ‘King of Strong Style’ Shinsuke Nakamura, who just made his WWE main roster debut on SmackDown Live last week.

In a recent podcast, Ross talked about Nakamura’s debut and how much of an impact he will bring on the Blue Brand. He thinks the former IWGP World Heavyweight champion has a bright future on SmackDown because of a number of intriguing matches he can make with established superstars such as Dolph Ziggler, Randy Orton, Bray Wyatt, the Miz, John Cena and even rival AJ Styles.

Road to main event status

Ross said he won’t be shocked if Nakamura turns into a main event player in a matter of months. With SmackDown trying to fill the spot left by Hollywood-bound Cena and potentially another big name wrestler in the upcoming Superstar Shake-up, Nakamura is going to have a more lenient process in becoming a household name in the WWE.

J.R added the Nakamura possesses the high-level wrestling skills and charisma to shine on wrestling's biggest stage. Nevertheless, the wrestling commentator pointed out the need for the hard-hitting Japanese to improve his command of the English language in order for him to have good promos in the future.

Feud with AJ Styles, John Cena

Nakamura is infusing a lot of star-power to the SmackDown Brand as a former two-time NXT champion and a reputable name in Japanese wrestling.

Moreover, WWE pundits and fans are already salivating on potential big matches involving the King of Strong Style.

AJ Styles easily tops the list of possible opponents due to his history with Nakamura. Before joining the WWE in 2016, the Phenomenal One was involved in one of the best wrestling matches ever when he faced Nakamura at WrestleKingdom 10.

Wrestling News Observer Dave Meltzer gave the card the highest possible score with a 5-star rating, citing the level of wrestling skills, intensity and story-telling shown in the match.

Then, there's another dream match with 16-time world champion John Cena. Nakamura has been targeting the Cenation leader ever since he signed with WWE.

After an illustrious wrestling career in Japan, Shinsuke thinks the next big challenge ahead of him will be taking on arguably the greatest WWE performer of all time.

Of course, these great matches involving Nakamura, Styles and Cena will heavily depend on the results of next week's Superstar Shake-up, where the former WWE and TNA champion is being rumored to jump ship on RAW.