The New York Knicks announced on Sunday afternoon that their starting point guard Derrick Rose is out for the remainder of the 2016-17 season. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) of Rose's left knee revealed a torn meniscus that will require an arthroscopy. The youngest MVP in league history will not play in the Knicks' final five games of the regular season. He is expected to be at full health again two months after the surgery.

Career marked with injuries

Derrick Rose, a Chicago native, was a number one pick back in 2008. He was drafted by the Chicago Bulls.

Rose excelled in the NBA rapidly as he was named the MVP of the 2010-11 season. He became the youngest player to ever win this award at age 22. That season Rose averaged 25.0 points, 4.1 rebounds and 7.7 assists per game.

It was all working perfectly for Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls, until the 2011-12 playoffs started. The Bulls were playing the Philadelphia 76ers in a first round matchup and with 1:24 left in the game Rose suffered his first major setback. He came down hard on his left foot and was helped off the court. Bulls' doctors revealed it was a torn ACL and that injury pretty much defined Rose's whole career.

He was never the same player after that injury.

Fresh start with the Knicks

After naming phil jackson as their president of basketball operations back in 2014, the Knicks were hoping he could turn their fortunes around. His first big move was acquiring Derrick Rose. The Knicks sent Robin Lopez and Jerian Grant in exchange for Rose and Justin Holiday. In his first season with the Knicks, he has been largely healthy.

He played in 64 games this season, averaging 18.0 points, 3.8 rebounds and 4.4 assist.

Considering the fact that he is an unrestricted free agent this offseason, we might have already seen the last of Derrick Rose in a Knicks uniform. Its been reported that Rose will look for a max-contract. He said in his many recent interviews that he would like to remain a Knick after this season, but with his latest injury it remains to be seen what Phil Jackson's next move will be.