The Cleveland Cavaliers waived DeAndre Liggins earlier Sunday, clearing a roster spot for a Free Agent. The Cavaliers are looking to add another player who could contribute to the team and help them defend the title, and they could bring one of their former players back. Anderson Varejao, who last played for the Golden State Warriors, could come back to Cleveland. Beside him, another potential free agent the Cavaliers could sign is Dahntay Jones, who played one game for Cleveland last season.

The Cavaliers will have to pick their free agent by Wednesday as they want him to be eligible for the playoffs.

There are a lot of good free agents available to sign, and the Cavaliers could end up finding a diamond in the rough.

Bringing Anderson Varejao would be a good idea

Even though Varejao was playing for the Cavaliers' rival, Golden State, there is no doubt that the fans would become him back to Cleveland. Varejao spent 12 seasons of his career playing for the Cavaliers and his numbers were impressive in 2013 when he averaged 14.1 points and 14.4 rebounds per game. The 34-year old center hasn't been in the best shape, but he could undoubtedly give the Cavaliers 10-15 good minutes every game. Considering that Cleveland would use him as Tristan Thompson's and Larry Sanders' backup, the big man wouldn't have to play a lot.

Varejao knows the Cavaliers and they know him. He also spent eight seasons playing with LeBron James and three seasons with Kyrie Irving. Cleveland would be a good environment for him and he could contribute to the team when they need him to.

Dahntay Jones could go back to Cleveland too

Jones has played only one regular-season game for the Cleveland Cavaliers in his career, and according to rumors, the Cavaliers are interested in him as well.

Jones is a 6-foot-6 guard who is also capable of playing as a small forward. He fits the same player profile as the recently-waived Liggins and the Cavaliers would most likely not have a big role for him either. He is 36 and it's been ten months since he played his last NBA game.

Anderson Varejao would probably be a much better option for the Cavaliers, as they might need additional help at the center position.

However, whoever the Cavaliers sign will most likely not get any significant playing time as they are looking for a free agent just as a safety precaution. They have dealt with numerous injuries this season and they must have deep bench in order to achieve great results in the playoffs and defend the title.