The 2016-17 NBA season has been the most prolific year ever for Triple Doubles. The total amount by the entire league has been insane and record shattering. Then you have the all-time season record being broken by Russell Westbrook, averaging 31.6 points, 10.4 assists and 10.7 rebounds. He also became only the second player to average one, joining Oscar Robertson. If it wasn't for Westbrook we would be talking even more about the amazing season that James Harden is having. Anyway, let's dive into what the statistics have to say.

Historic triple double season

This NBA season wrapped up with a total of 117 triple doubles being recorded, which shatters to previous record of 78 during the 1988-89. Prior to this season the most triple doubles ever in a season was 41 by Oscar Robertson. According to Pro Basketball Index, the most since the 1983-84, was Russell Westbrook with 18 last season. As you may have heard Westbrook finished this season with 42 triple doubles, the most in NBA history.

If it wasn't for Westbrook, this would be about James Harden. He finished with 22 triple doubles, which would have been the most since 1967-68. He finished the year tied with Robertson and Wilt Chamberlain for the fifth most ever in a season.

For context Westbrook and Harden had 64 combined triple doubles, the rest of the NBA had 53.

Players with the most triple doubles

Obviously, Russell Westbrook and James Harden led the way in triple doubles this season, but who else rounded out the top five? Fellow MVP candidate LeBron James was third with 13, while Denver Nuggets breakout star Nikola Jokic had 6.

Tied for the fifth spot is the Golden State Warriors Draymond Green and Elfrid Payton of the Orlando Magic with 5. The remaining 24 triple doubles were split between 17 different players.

Other triple double stats

The youngest player this season to record a triple double was Minnesota's Karl-Anthony Towns at 21 years and 43 days old, while the oldest player was LeBron James at 32 years and 100 days old.

Draymond Green was the first player in NBA history to record a triple double without points, getting 10 assists, 11 rebounds and 10 steals.

Russell Westbrook has the first 'perfect' triple double in NBA history, when he shot 6-6 from the field and 6-6 from the free throw line. Westbrook also had 4 games this year (8 for his career) in which he played less than 30 minutes to get a triple double. Starting in the 1951-52 season no player in their NBA career has more than three such games.

Westbrook also had a 57 point triple double, the most points ever scored with one. Westbrook had three 50 point triple doubles, while Harden had two. To put that in perspective, the last 50 point triple double before this season came in January 1975 by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The record for 40 point triple doubles in a season was 5 by Robertson in 1963-64. This year James Harden had 7 such games and Westbrook had 8.