After the second game of the Celtics and Bulls series, with the Bulls up 2-0, no one would have expected that the Celtics would win four straight playoff games to advance to the second round of the NBA Playoffs. Yet again, though, the Celtics did it behind the "others." Boston's Isaiah Thomas struggled shooting the ball, but teammates Avery Bradley and Gerald Green both chipped in their fair share of points, helping lead the Celtics to a big win. Bradley had 23 points on 9 of 12 shooting, Gerald Green had 16, and Thomas, Horford, and Crowder all had 12.

A tale of two different series

On the surface, you could point to the tragedy of Isaiah Thomas losing his sister and the way the team looked sluggish in the first two games because of it. Then, when the Celtics started getting back into form, you could point to Rajon Rondo getting hurt and the Bulls not having an adequate replacement at the point guard position for him. With all the extra things that went on in this series, we saw two completely different Boston Celtics teams. This Celtics team that just won four straight after being down 2-0 against an 8-seed is the Celtics team that some thought could challenge the Cleveland Cavaliers.

This team is legitimate, and they came together quick, with massive production from everyone around Isaiah Thomas.

This is the type of confidence that could carry them to a potential series with the Cavaliers down the road.

Where the Bulls go from here

If you're the Chicago Bulls, there's not much to be proud of with this finish. After a mediocre regular season where they barely walked into the playoffs, they stole a couple games off the Celtics, but then went right back into the gutter.

You can't hang your hat on a series like that even if you weren't supposed to win in the first place. The Bulls are in a bad spot and the way their roster is constructed, it's very awkward. They have a weird mix of young guys not ready for playoff action, and old guys who are well past their prime.

Moving forward, the stage is now set for the Wizards and the Celtics. It will certainly be an exciting matchup at the point guard position, with Thomas ready to suit up against John Wall.