The New York Knicks are ready to trade Carmelo Anthony this summer to rebuild around Kristaps Porzingis. The aging superstar had a stressful year since the team didn’t make the playoffs once again after constructing a solid starting five last offseason.

Phil Jackson has already stated that, “He [Carmelo Anthony] would be better off somewhere else.” Trading Anthony has become imminent, but his destination remains a major unknown.

Who wants Carmelo Anthony?

According to Sporting News via Sam Amico, many NBA executives are not prepared to acquire Anthony because he is unwilling to change his style of play.

At the age 32, they also believe that he is not the ideal piece to attain and build around. If anything, they want Anthony to become a role player, but he wouldn’t do that and paying a role player $25 million is irrational.

Los Angeles Clippers may want him

However, despite the unwillingness to trade for Anthony, executives believe that there is one team that is still the perfect destination for the 10-time All-Star. The Los Angeles Clippers were one of the few teams actively pursuing Anthony before the trade deadline. They reportedly offered Austin Rivers and Jamal Crawford for the superstar, but New York wanted a third team to facilitate the deal.

Although the two sides were unable to execute a trade before the deadline, they may re-visit discussions during the summer. The Clippers have a handful of free agents they must concentrate on first. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and J.J. Redick will all be hitting the market. Before they could worry about acquiring Anthony, they must convince the star players to remain with the team.

Clippers' offseason

Many executives are projecting the Clippers to split the roster if they fail to make a deep playoff run again under Doc Rivers. But, if they could get Anthony for a cheap price, Paul, Griffin, and Redick may return for another run.

Everything seemingly ties into each other. If Anthony is available for the Clippers, it will play a factor in Paul and Griffin’s free agency decision.

If Griffin and Paul are still intent on leaving, obtaining Anthony wouldn’t make sense unless Los Angeles would like to bring him in to construct a roster around him that best fits his style of play.

Aside from the Clippers, the Cleveland Cavaliers may be the only other team to show minor interest in Anthony. They, too, have been linked to the 32-year-old before, but the asking price was too much. Perhaps now that the Knicks have clearly made him available, they won’t sell Melo too high.