According to a TMZ sports report, current Washington Redskins linebacker Khairi Fortt will star as Redskins legend Sean Taylor in an upcoming show about the star safety’s murder. The show, “The Perfect Murder”, will be on Investigation Discovery in a June episode.

The 25-year-old Fortt was signed by the Redskins to a futures contract back in January. Fortt, (6-2, 250 pounds) was selected by the New Orleans Saints in the 2014 NFL Draft, since then he’s spent time on practice squads in Cincinnati, Jacksonville, and most recently, Seattle. Washington is currently rebuilding their defense so the opportunity is definitely there for the right player to seize the moment.

Fortt is hoping this will be his last stop in the National Football League.

Good or bad idea?

Playing Taylor after being signed by Washington could prove to be both intriguing, and to be honest, exhausting for Fortt. After a few years bouncing off of different practice squads, he now finds himself on the team of the player he’ll portray. A team that has been haunted by the lack of a competent starter at the free safety position since Taylor was murdered ten years ago.

Redskins fans are still very much emotionally connected with Taylor, and being associated with his name, in any way, will catch both positive and negative reactions.

Now he won’t just be ‘one of the guys’, he’s going to be ‘that guy who played Sean’. With a fan-base full of cynics, and critics of the current front office, if he fails, he’s a fresh target in which to beat up on around every mistake.

Fortt is honored to be associated in any type of way with Taylor. “Someone said he had the most personal fouls or he was a thug.

The people who know him well and the people who are close with him, especially his teammates, family and friends, knew that he wasn’t that type of guy,” Fortt said. “He was a very passionate player and that’s what made him great but him being a thug and a hothead that couldn’t control himself is not the person he was. A message from the documentary is shedding light on him.

I’m happy to be helping put that image and statement out there."

“I wasn’t fortunate enough to talk or speak with the family, but just from speaking with Lavar and hearing that he was just a great guy. I know the Redskins Nation will forever miss him.”

More on the show

The show is supposed to explore how the police helped solve Sean’s 2007 horrific home invasion-murder. Fortt’s father, Guy Fortt, will also star alongside his son as Sean’s father Pedro ‘Pete’ Taylor. Guy actually worked on the set with producers Kevin Kaufman and Rick Tirelli last year and suggested Khairi play Taylor.