No matter how 2017 goes for the Atlanta Braves, it would seem to be common sense that the current starting outfield trio of Matt Kemp, Ender Enciarte, and Nick Markakis is not an outfield that qualifies as the building blocks for the team to return to contention. One player who could indeed be part of those building blocks isn't even on the Braves yet. He might not ever be, but a trade between the Braves and the Chicago Cubs is still the right thing to do for both squads.

Matt Sczur is one of those outfielders who is lucky to get an at-bat here and there for the Cubs but it's entirely possible he would be an everyday, or at least, every other day starter for the Braves.

Being out of options, Sczur is riding the pine for Chicago and has recorded just three at-bats so far this season. Not surprisingly he hasn't managed to get a hit in such sporadic playing time but the hits are going to come.

Out of options

The real question is whether or not those hits are going to come for the Cubs or Atlanta, or another team altogether. The Cubs outfielder, who can play all three positions, is out of options. This means Chicago cannot send him back down to Iowa without Sczur passing through waivers. It seems unlikely the team would indeed manage to get him through waivers.

This means that Sczur does technically have one more option if the Braves and Cubs can pull it off. Atlanta needs a good young outfielder, who could rotate around the outfield spots this year, and claim one for his very own next season when either Kemp or Markakis move on.

He could even continue to be the 4th outfielder who would spot other starters a day off here or there.

Do the Atlanta Braves have what it takes to make the Chicago Cubs move Sczur?

The question, as trade talks are rumored, is whether or not the Braves have something the Cubs really want. It seems unlikely Chicago would make a trade for a player they're just going to cut days later.

This means the player coming back in trade is either a major league ready player who is an upgrade over a current Cub player, or a decent minor leaguer.

The Cubs are always on the lookout for more pitching and the Braves minor league system has quite a few good young arms, especially in its lower levels. The two teams have a fairly good history of swinging trades that are mutually beneficial so there is a level of trust there that might be present with other organizations. Now it's just a matter as to whether or not the Atlanta Braves play the waiting game and hope the can grab Sczur without swinging any trade at all.