sex tape leaks used to be the problem of sexy female celebrities such as Pamela Anderson and reality star Kim Kardashian. However, lately, it has spread to tough but curvaceous female wrestlers, such as Maria, who belong to World Wrestling Entertainment.

Naked selfies on the web

Maria, whose real name is Maria Louise Kanellis-Bennett, is the latest victim of the online leak. According to the New York Post, images posted online leaked on Tuesday showed her posing naked as she took selfies on a bed and in the bathroom. Married to another WWE wrestler Mike Bennett since 2014 after two years of engagement, Maria began her wrestling career in 2004 after she competed in the Raw Diva Search.

She almost won a WWE Divas Championship in 2008, but Maria lost to the champion at that time, Michelle McCool, during the title match. Four of the six photos showed her naked, selfies taken using her iPhone. A celebrity gossip site leaked the images stolen by hacking her account, HackRead reported.

Previous leak victims

Before Maria, another WWE female wrestler, superstar Paige, Melina Perez, Summer Rae and former wrestler Kaitlyn also had their videos and photos leaked on the internet. Summer Rae’s photos were only risqué taken from her Divas days. The leaked pictures of Kaitlyn, or Celeste Bonin in real life, were also naked selfies.

However, in the case of Paige, her photos were not selfies but showed the 24-year-old WWE champion having sex with two males, current WWE superstar Xavier Woods and WWE General Manager Brad Maddox in three videos.

There is another one showing her using a sex toy and one more clip engaged in oral sex.

Movie and WWE career

It is not only Paige’s career that would be affected by the leak but also that of Xavier Woods and the future of a WWE movie as well. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and WWE, are currently shooting a film about Paige’s life and family.

While the wrestling organization would not sanction Xavier Woods and Paige for the online leaks, according to Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio, their careers are still at risk if a sponsor or a prominent sports figure would complain about the image to WWE.

At least the pictures of the WWE wrestlers were leaked with no money apparently involved.

In the case of actress Mischa Barton, her sex tape is reportedly being sold for $500,000. Reports said that she is seen in the movie wearing a gray hoodie while being intimate with a man who wore nothing except a black t-shirt.