Bayley was easily one of the most popular wrestlers in NXT before she made her WWE main roster debut. In a recent interview with NBC Sports, Bayley talked about her transition to the main roster and who she would wrestle in a dream match. In a little bit of a surprise, her choice for a dream opponent is Stephanie Mcmahon.

Bayley's debut on the main WWE roster

She was an immediate hit when she reached the main roster as well, although her popularity has started to lessen with some strange booking choices by the WWE. Bayley was always a quirky character in NXT and needed some extra work before the WWE called her up.

While she was extremely over as part of the Four Horsewomen of NXT, along with Charlotte Flair, Sasha Banks, and Becky Lynch, the WWE felt she needed to work on her character more. She took advantage of that by turning in Match of the Year candidates and dominating the women's scene in NXT. It looked like the sky was the limit when Bayley arrived on the main roster, and while she has won the WWE Women's Championship, something seems to be missing from what fans remember from Bayley in NXT.

Bayley and Stephanie McMahon

Unfortunately for Bayley, she has been booked to lose one too many matches to the other women, and even though she is the WWE Women's Champion, her victory was full of controversy and it has made Bayley look weak.

It also doesn't help that she has to face off with the character of Stephanie McMahon. While, in real life, Stephanie works hard to get the wrestlers over, as a character she seems to bury them more often than not and hurts their credibility. When it comes to Bayley, Stephanie McMahon is always talking about how she doesn't belong on the main roster and doesn't deserve it.

That works well when someone like Daniel Bryan proves her wrong and wins it all but Bayley is then booked to either lose or to win by a fluke. That makes Stephanie's words hurt the progress of Bayley and makes fans doubt her. While Bayley sees a chance to wrestle Stephanie McMahon one day in a WWE ring, she said that it would be a dream come true because she wanted to wrestle Stephanie when she was a kid and watched McMahon wrestle Lita, comparing a feud with McMahon to be like the Steve Austin vs. Vince McMahon feud from years ago.