When the 2017 NFL free agency period started, the Dallas Cowboys let the world know they were going to release Tony Romo so he could find a new home to play in 2017. However, the release still hasn't happened yet and many fans are wondering what is happening in Dallas with the record-setting quarterback.

Why haven't the Cowboys released Tony Romo?

The biggest change that came after the news broke that the Dallas Cowboys were going to cut Tony Romo was that they wanted to get something back in return. If the Cowboys cut Romo, they would save money, which is important, but they would get nothing in return.

Dallas knew that they could possibly get a 2017 NFL Draft pick in exchange for Romo or maybe a player back to help at another position. That hasn't happened and the reason is mostly because everyone knows that the Cowboys will cut Romo when no one comes calling. The Cowboys have no power in this situation and they will find no one who will trade for Romo when teams like the Denver Broncos and Houston Texans can just wait it out until Dallas releases him. There is also the thought that Jerry Jones would love to have Tony Romo back as his backup quarterback, even at the monster cost, to protect the team from collapsing under a Dak Prescott injury or relapse in his second year. That is unlikely to happen, though, as Romo might prefer to just retire rather than sit on the bench.

What will end up happening with Tony Romo?

No one is going to trade for Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys can't afford the monster salary they will have to pay him not to play in 2017. The good news is that Romo is quiet and is not causing problems about just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the Cowboys to make their move.

One of two things will happen. The first is that Dallas finally releases Romo and someone like the Houston Texans step up to sign him. Houston traded Brock Osweiler to free up money and open a spot for Romo, who would make them a playoff contender. The second idea is that Dallas waits too long and Tony Romo decides to just retire and take the job that Fox Sports has offered him. Either way, the Dallas Cowboys have to make a move soon and until then, everyone will just wait.