The latest episode of "Monday Night Raw" from Chicago, Illinois featured plenty of build towards the upcoming "WrestleMania 33" pay-per-view. Just one night removed from the "Fastlane" event in Milwaukee, the new WWE Universal Champion Goldberg showed up and was hit by a Brock Lesnar F5. Chris Jericho and Kevin Owens agreed to fight at "Mania" over the United States title, while a Triple Threat match was set up for Bayley's WWE Raw Women's title. However, the biggest spot of the night came towards the end of the show when WWE star The Undertaker showed up.

Braun calls out Roman

At "Fastlane" PPV, Roman Reigns finally gained a victory over his larger opponent Braun Strowman. However, Braun was upset over what he felt was a lucky win by Reigns and wanted him to get in the ring at the end of "Raw." While Reigns' music initially started up, it was soon interrupted by The Undertaker's gong and the lights going out.

When Taker finally got into the ring, he came face to face with Strowman. After a few moments for the crowd to soak in the meeting, Strowman decided to wisely back away and leave the ring. Braun left through the Chicago crowd with Taker seeming ready to leave after scaring away Strowman. However, Taker stopped in his tracks as he was soon interrupted by Roman Reigns' theme music.

Roman confronts Taker

Roman Reigns came to the ring to his usually audible chorus of boos from the fans. After getting into the ring, he and Undertaker stared each other down for quite a bit before Reigns spoke on the mic. Roman informed Undertaker that Braun had called him to the ring, not "The Deadman." Reigns told Taker that this is his yard now so he should leave.

Undertaker didn't take too kindly to the suggestion as he stared towards the "WrestleMania" sign hanging up in the distance. Roman got his hint as he also looked over to the sign. However, taking his eyes off Undertaker for that moment was a mistake, as Taker quickly grabbed him by the throat and promptly slammed Reigns onto the mat.

With Undertaker's theme music playing, The Deadman exited the ring to head up towards the ramp. Taker paused and looked back towards Reigns trying to collect himself in the ring and the "WrestleMania" banner hanging up. A raised arm pose from Taker closed out "Monday Night Raw" and has fans talking.

'WrestleMania' match coming?

There have been WWE "WrestleMania" rumors for weeks that these two competitors will meet in Orlando, Florida. At the 2017 "Royal Rumble" back in January, it was Reigns that threw Undertaker out of the ring to eliminate him from the match.

It now seems that is all but official that these two will collide at "WrestleMania 33" based on the events that went down on Monday's "Raw" episode.

While this won't be the match many fans wanted consisting of Taker vs. John Cena or Samoa Joe or even AJ Styles, it will possibly be a way for WWE to once again attempt to boost the resume of Roman Reigns. However, it's going to be a tricky situation for WWE as they try to get Reigns over with a fight against one of the most popular ring legends of all time.