Color Rush jerseys have been an oft-debated topic in the NFL since their inception. Some enjoy the vibrancy of their colors, while others abhor the ugliness or distraction they provide on the field. One team - the Washington Redskins - want to see the uniform set done away entirely this week, reserving some harsh words for the branding.

Proposal to destroy the color rush

The Redskins have proposed to get rid of the color rush jerseys altogether, hoping for a vote at the owners meetings this week. According to team president Bruce Allen, however, that vote likely won't take place until May, seeing as the league as other priorities to deal with right now.

In the proposal to eliminate the jerseys, the team supposedly used the descriptor "garish uniforms," which is far from a term of endearment.

Washington isn't suggesting the league get rid of the color rush jerseys altogether, though - they understand that the uniforms are popular sellers among a younger generation of fans. Instead, just the team would have the ability to opt out of wearing the uniforms during Thursday night games. For an organization in major disarray right now, it seems odd if they are making this a priority right now.

Rushing through history

The color rush jerseys have become a mainstay during the Thursday night football showcases. The uniform games began in 2012, when Nike replaced Reebok as the primary supplier of the league's uniforms.

They only became mandatory in 2016, though, with brightly-colored jerseys clashing on the screen every week, sometimes causing adverse effects to people who suffer from colorblindness.

It would be fair to consider the Redskins' proposal as amazingly ironic. For all of the team's complaints about the color rush jerseys, they have donned them in a game exactly zero times.

They are one of seven teams who have not yet had an opportunity to demonstrate their colorizing abilities in game action. If the team gets its way in the next few months, they'll never have to do so either.