The Redskins haven't been in the news for positive reasons in recent weeks. The team lost its general manager, engaged in contract disputes, and lost free agents. On an unrelated note, the Redskins proposed two separate rule changes that would alter the NFL game. But today, the Redskins can celebrate the announced gender of quarterback Kirk Cousins' baby.

Test to Determine Gender.

Using a test to determine whether or not a baby is a boy or a girl isn't uncommon. In fact, most future parents today do know the gender of their baby prior to birth. However, few tests have the flare that the one Kirk Cousins and his wife performed in their backyard.

Just check out the Video below.

And it's a boy! The pair looked very excited and now Julie and Kirk can look forward to the birth of their baby knowing that it will be a boy at birth. And what could be more appropriate than Kirk Cousins throwing a mini football to find out the information? It's fitting for a quarterback of Cousins' caliber.

Kirk Cousins' Future.

Cousins might know the status of his baby's gender, but he still doesn't know what his long term future with the Redskins is. He was tagged by the Redskins for the 2017 season, and will make a ton of money next season.

However, Cousins was not given a long term deal with Washington after extended contract negotiations.

Kirk was one of the better quarterbacks in the NFL last year, but came up short in the final game of the year. That left the Redskins out of the playoffs after a disastrous offensive performance against the New York Giants. That game probably sticks out in Redskins fans minds more than any other last year.

Still, it doesn't take away from Cousins' season last year as a top ten quarterback.

Redskins fans should be happy to see Cousins back at the helm, even if it is for 2017 only. Many teams, like the Browns, Rams, and 49ers, do not have a quality quarterback anywhere on the roster. Washington can look forward to solid play at the position next season, unlike many other teams in the league.

Aside from that, congratulations to Kirk Cousins and his wife! Hopefully the couple and their baby will prosper and grow together.