The news of the NFL since the Cowboys lost in the divisional round of the playoffs is what is going to happen with Tony Romo in the offseason. Many people spoke their opinions and theories, even their owner Jerry Jones was in on the whole deal of what will happen to Romo. Nobody had a clue what Jones should do, but we finally have answer. Sources told ESPN's Adam Schefter that the Cowboys will release the QB on Thursday, the official start of the new NFL year.

It's been fun while it lasted

Tony Romo's time in Dallas was a mix of good and bad. He spent 14 years with America's Team, being a starter for ten of those seasons.

Romo has been one of the Cowboys best when it comes to statistics, as he is ranked first in passing yards and passing touchdowns. He is ranked third in wins by a quarterback for the franchise as well. But the stats also show that he has failed to come through in the playoffs, not being able to get his team past the divisional round with Dallas. Romo's career has been widely noted for choking when it came to clutch time, making inaccurate passes that lead to interceptions, or making costly fumbles.

Injuries have made a huge impact on Romo's career. The past two seasons he only played in five games, as he had collarbone and back injuries throughout his career. This season he lost his starting job to rookie Dak Prescott while he was out rehabbing his back.

Dak played extremely well, and the Cowboys now have their eyes set on the future with Dak. Romo has a huge contract so the Cowboys need that cap space in order to address other roster needs. Releasing Romo saves the Cowboys $14 million in cap space.

Where to go from here

With Romo being an impending free agent, there are many places that come to mind for where he would fit in best.

The Denver Broncos have been a constant name brought up in the discussion, as they have a great defense, and a pretty decent run game. Romo could come right in and automatically be in contention for a Super Bowl, something he desperately needs. Another team that could be a possible destination is right there in Texas with the Houston Texans.

Many believe Brock Osweiler will never live up to the contract he was given, and the Texans should look to win now. Many other teams come up in conversation, but these are the teams that show the most logic when it comes to signing the QB.

Romo, who is 37 still wants to play, but it will be a tough move not playing in Dallas. Jerry Jones is probably the one being hurt the most because he and Romo have had a great relationship there years they've been together. But in the NFL, it is a business, and sometimes things like this have to happen. Romo will be a free agent, and whoever gets him will have themselves a decent quarterback for at least two years. That's if he can stay healthy.