The Dallas Cowboys are having one of their most successful seasons in decades behind the legs of a rookie running back and the arm of a rookie quarterback. With Dak Prescott making this team his own, the time has come for Tony Romo to pass the torch, but where in the NFL could a trade land him?

It is purely obvious that Romo has played his final down for the Cowboys unless something drastic happens to Prescott in the playoffs. Even then, the decision to part ways with Romo appears to be in place and the Cowboys could turn to Mark Sanchez in a pinch.

With that, it is time to look at five possible landing locations for Tony Romo if a trade happens in the offseason.

Denver Broncos

The Denver Broncos lost Peyton Manning and back-up Brock Osweiler in no time at all after last season. That left them with Trevor Siemian and they ended up drafting Paxton Lynch. While Siemian looked great at times, it is obvious that he's not yet ready to lead an offense. Lynch's short amount of time in games proved that he simply isn't ready for the NFL at all. Tony Romo would instantly step in as the starter and become a great leader for the Broncos.

Cleveland Browns

RG3 is not the answer at quarterback for the Browns as has been the case with virtually every signal-caller over the last 20 years.

Cleveland does not have the answer for their franchise quarterback on the roster right now, and Romo wouldn't have a lot to work with, but he could be a good start.

New York Jets

Anyone that believes Geno Smith, Ryan Fitzpatrick, or Bryce Petty can lead the New York Jets and be successful is wrong. The Jets need an experienced quarterback who has been in a place of success and who can make others such as Matt Forte better.

That would easily be Tony Romo.

Chicago Bears

The end of the Jay Cutler era with the Bears has been a long time coming, and it is time to move on. Chicago head coach John Fox would work well with Tony Romo, and having a target such as Alshon Jeffrey is any quarterback's dream. A change is needed and the good thing for the Bears is that Cutler and Romo's salaries would pretty much cancel each other out in a trade.

Houston Texans

They thought Brock Osweiler would be the answer to their quarterback woes, but he ended up being benched and it appeared his time as starter was over. Well, back-up Tom Savage ended up with a concussion and Osweiler was back in, but trading Tony Romo would solve a lot of problems.