The NFL had their annual Owners meeting in Arizona today to discuss possible rule changes, bylaw shifts and resolution proposals. The league had several things on their agenda as the meeting is the one time of the year that new rules are proposed and granted.

While the proposal’s that the Washington Redskins made didn’t make the final list, the league did decided to hold off voting on the color-rush jersey proposal the team made until May.

New Rules

The league approved eight new rules geared towards player safety during the meetings today. The owners decided that players on field goals/extra points would no longer be allowed to legally leap over the line of scrimmage.

The rule in the past stated that as long as the “leaper” cleared everyone, no penalty would be handed out.

The league was able to agree on banning crack-back blocks by a back-field player in motion. This has led to several injuries the last few years and has been a certain “grey area” that the league needed to address.

One of the more interesting new rules, more so because of the uncertainty of how it will be applied, is the new rule making it illegal to try to conserve time after the two-minute warning. That one seems vague, and it will be interesting to see the full explanation on that one and how the officiating crew will call it.

New Bylaws & Resolutions

Normally new bylaws are tedious and not worthy of mention.

While this year nothing bold jumps off the page it should be stated that the league is committed to a level-playing field, and these new bylaws show it.

The one resolution that was approved speaks directly at non-football employees being allowed to switch jobs between teams during the season.

New home for the Raiders

The big NFL news of the last few months has without a doubt been the possible move of the Oakland Raiders.

This week the move was made official as the Raiders will move to Las Vegas at the beginning of the 2018 season, after the league had a 31-1 vote this week. Each NFL franchise will receive $50 million as a result of the move.