Who says members of the Chicago Bears and Green Bay Packers can't get along off the field? If what happened over the course of the weekend is any indication, fans of both teams are going to wish the two groups would hang out a little less. Reports began surfacing on Sunday night that second-year defensive backs Makinton Dorleant and Deiondre’ Hall were involved in a bit of a scuffle. While the severity of the crimes was not immediately known, the reports of arrests for Dorleant who plays for the Green Bay Packers and Deiondre' Hall who plays for the Chicago Bears was not exactly welcome news for the two NFL teams.

Player finds trouble in his old college town

What we do know from scattered media and police reports is that it appears Dorleant and Hall were partying it up in their former college town. The now Green Bay Packers player and Hall were teammates on the University of Northern iowa Panthers. Both were undrafted free-agent rookies who managed to secure contracts with their respective clubs, though neither made a huge impact in their rookie seasons. The two were apparently reliving their glory days when an altercation broke out. Dorleant was taken to jail, though appears to have been released a short time later as he was able to talk to the media. ACME Packing Company reports he says he was barred entry into an Iowa bar.

During this altercation that ensued after not being allowed in, Hall was apparently tased.

Not the kind of impact Green Bay Packers are looking for

While the smoke has largely cleared over whatever happened and Dorleant looks like he was less of an instigator, it's still not a good look for the second year player. Hall was given three charges so far, disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and interference.

Dorleant has so far just been charged with interference. Dorleant is still one that is likely going to be fighting for a roster spot come the fall. He spent most of 2016 on the IR and managed to play in just four games. Getting arrested doesn't endear oneself to your coaches.