The Green Bay Packers have been left with a running back void after the departure of running back Eddie Lacy. Green Bay currently has wide receiver/running back hybrid Ty Montgomery as their top back, something that will likely change in the NFL draft. The Packers have been linked to various different names, but there might not be one more intriguing or controversial than Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon.

Mixon's Checkered Past.

In 2014, Joe Mixon punched a woman at a bar. In December of 2016, the video of the incident surfaced and backlash for the incident surfaced as well.

Because of this incident, Mixon has gone from a surefire draft pick to a player who all NFL teams have blacklisted.

In two seasons with Oklahoma, Mixon scored 17 touchdowns and ran for more than 2000 rushing yards. On paper, he would easily be one of the best running back talents in the draft. But, because of his history, teams will likely avoid drafting Mixon too early.

Opportunity or Player to Avoid?

The real question here is whether or not the Packers scouts have an excellent gauge on Mixon's character. Has he learned from the previous incident? Does he now have better control of his emotions? Will he stay out of trouble in the future? Those are questions that Packers talent scouts will have to answer before the NFL draft.

If he has learned from his mistakes, Mixon could easily be the steal of the draft. There's almost no chance Mixon goes in the first round due to his history and that would allow the Packers to snap him up at a later point. If the Packers are willing to take a risk, they could be handsomely rewarded.


Joe Mixon isn't the only player who could fill the running back void for the Packers.

Adrian Peterson is still on the market and hasn't generated much interest from other NFL teams.

Christian McCaffery, who has repeatedly been linked to Green Bay, could easily be the Packers first round draft pick. Other top running backs in the first round include Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette.