Ryan Murphy’s new series "Feud: Bette and Joan" has made Sunday nights entertaining for many viewers. The show focuses on the banter, conflicts, and yes, even some common ground between Bette Davis and joan crawford. As the series delves deeper into the set of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” fans and haters of the show are trying to figure out one thing: Who was the bigger diva?

Joan becomes a heavy weight

On the set of “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?” Jane (Bette Davis) needs to drag Blanche (Joan Crawford) out of bed and across the room. Each time Bette struggles to pull her, Joan starts cracking up.

This increases the takes and infuriates Bette and set producers. After the scene ended, viewers see a grinning Joan alone in her dressing room. She slowly removes a steel belt from around her waist. Obviously, she added the extra weight to make it harder for Bette to carry her. It's a bold move that puts Joan in the saddle as the biggest diva.

Bette’s kick to the head

After doing a few takes with Joan Crawford on the set, Bette decides to get even with her nemesis. Jane has to kick and hit her sister Blanche. While a dummy was used for most of the fighting, when it’s Davis’ turn to fake kick Joan, she “misses,” her shoe hitting Joan’s head. Despite Bette claiming it was an accident, viewers knew the kick was on purpose.

For this, Bette goes on top as the number one diva.

Secret pact with Hedda Hopper

Joan Crawford has a tight leash on gossip columnist Hedda Hopper. Angry that Bette Davis got nominated for an Oscar and Crawford was overlooked, she makes up details to Hopper to make Bette look bad, such as Davis having terrible body odor and that she is an alcoholic.

Her hard fought campaign against Davis is deserving of the diva crown.

Bette's off-the-cuff remarks

Davis calls Crawford the nickname Crawfish and tells her that if she were the movie director, she would tell her to re-do the scene a few times. Playing on Joan’s insecurities was the way to get into her head and keep her off balance. Many people already thought Davis was the more talented actress. This is stellar diva behavior.

You be the judge of who was the bigger diva.