There was a time when Nick Foles was considered the quarterback of the future for the Philadelphia Eagles. Now Foles is going to be playing backup for the Eagles and their new quarterback of the future, Carson Wentz.

It should be pointed out that Foles might just be a backup, but he's going to be getting paid a pretty tidy sum in order to carry a clipboard. ProFootballTalk reports Foles will be able to make about $7 million from the Eagles in the first year of the two-year deal. That sum includes $3 million for a roster bonus that kicks in five days after signing the deal.

Apology money from the Philadelphia Eagles

The contract that Foles recently signed is certainly not the norm when it comes to backup quarterbacks. Of course, Foles isn't the average backup. He's had more than a few starts under his belt.

Foles was a kind of wunderkind when he was starting for the Eagles in his first season, throwing a ton of touchdowns in Chip Kelly's offense with very few interceptions. Unfortunately, it was all down hill after that.

Eventually, the Eagles cut him loose rather abruptly. Foles caught on with the Rams and Chiefs but wasn't able to duplicate the success he had in Philadelphia. This is the reason some think a roster bonus with a five-day activation point is a way for the team to try and make good now that he's back.

Quarterback controversy brewing in Philadelphia?

The Philadelphia Eagles didn't bring Nick Foles into town because they think Carson Wentz can't do the job. Any fan who thinks there might be a quarterback controversy are likely very wrong.

The team definitely wants Wentz to be their quarterback of the future. While the rookie year wasn't quite as good as they had hoped, the Eagles have already gotten him more weapons in the form of Torrey Smith and Alshon Jeffery.

If Foles wants to start in Philadelphia, he's going to need to see Wentz struggle worse than anyone could expect or go down with injury. It seems unlikely anyone is rooting for something like to happen to the Philadelphia Eagles.