Colin Kaepernick is a polarizing player in the NFL. Here's a guy, good enough to be in the league, that chose to make himself a political figure on top of being an athlete. That's a risky move when it comes to career success, but many might argue that it's also deserving of praise. The bottom line when it comes to his athletic career, however, is that it might leave him looking for work.

Kaepernick kneeled during the national anthem

Kaepernick, as a member of the San Francisco 49ers, protested the American National Anthem ahead of his team's games during the 2016/17 NFL season.

The act was meant to call attention to existing social injustice in the USA, including the use of brute force against civilians by American police officers. Now Kaepernick is reportedly scrounging around for a contract -- and not getting any offers.

Mike Freeman, writing at the Bleacher Report on March 17th, quoted an anonymous general manager at length regarding Kaepernick's situation. According to this unnamed individual, identified as "one AFC general manager," there are three problems with Kaepernick. Some GMs "believe that he can't play," others "fear the backlash from fans" that might arise from signing Kaepernick, and others "genuinely hate him and can't stand what he did" in protesting the American national anthem.

Donald Trump gloats

Donald Trump has taken some credit for Kaepernick's plight. Speaking at a Kentucky rally Trump suggested that NFL owners are in fear of getting the Donald Trump tweet-wrath if they pick Kaepernick up. That being the case, you have to wonder if anyone will sign the free agent. If not then one question follows: will Colin Kaepernick end up in the Canadian Football League?

The question in itself might strike many as absurd, however numerous former NFL quarterbacks have played north of the border. Doug Flutie was considered too short for the NFL at one point in his career. He enjoyed a tremendous amount of success in the CFL, most commonly with the Calgary Stampeders. Warren Moon also played several seasons as a member of the Edmonton Eskimos.

You could see how Kaepernick could end up in Canada for the points that the anonymous GM makes. Firstly, Kaepernick is a peripheral quarterback in the NFL, but he'd probably be the favorite for the MVP in the CFL. The concern about his talent won't apply north of the borders. Secondly, Kaepernick won't generate that much "backlash" from Canadian fans. It's true that there are Canadians that like Donald Trump, but generally the sentiment is against him. Lastly, GMs in Canada have to be considered far less likely to "hate" what Kaepernick did.

If Kaepernick does enter the CFL picture then it might be for just one year. Even if there are some concerns over signing him, his talent in the CFL would be so strong relative to the competition that a team couldn't bypass signing him.

There's still plenty of time for Kaepernick to get signed in the NFL and playing in the CFL might not even be probable later this year. However, I think you could see how certain forces are in motion that could end up funneling him that way.