The Nfc West is a division that has been a two team race for a while now. Nowadays, it's either the Cardinals or the Seahawks that claim the crown, as the 49ers and Rams are teams in rebuilding mode. This division is not talked about a lot due to the two-team race, but we're going to talk about it now. Every team needs something, so let's see what the Seahawks, Cardinal, Rams, and 49ers need to bring some fire to a dry division.

Seattle Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks struggled with injuries to Russell Wilson throughout the season, which had an impact on playoff seeding for them.

The lack of protection for Wilson and the terrible run game show that the Seahawks need to improve at the offensive line. The Seahawks were ranked 25th in rush yards per game with 99 yards a game. None of their running backs even got past 450 yards for the season. This shows that the o-line couldn't get any push. Wilson was sacked 42 times last season, which led to many injuries. Seattle has one of the lowest paid offensive lines, so you get what you paid for. They need to look for new players on the line to give Wilson protection, as he desperately needs it.

Arizona Cardinals

The Arizona Cardinals had a below par season finishing 7-8-1. Nothing seemed to click with the offense or defense, and especially the kicking game.

The Cardinals need to tune up a few things in order to come back for the division crown this year. The Cardinals need to focus on getting a No. 2 corner to play across Patrick Peterson. The second corner spot was constantly picked on last year, with many people coming in but the same result, touchdowns. Arizona might need to call on free agent Darrelle Revis to help out in that second corner slot.

The Cardinals were a sound team, but that corner spot ended up hurting them, so they need to fix that hole to have that complete defense again.

Los Angeles Rams

The L.A Rams didn't have a good season being back in L.A. Their offense was awful, as Todd Gurley couldn't get going all year and Jared Goff was thrown into the fire as a rookie.

Their offense is where they need the most improvement and they need to get receivers. Tavon Austin hasn't lived up to expectations, Kenny Britt isn't a solid No. 1, and Brian Quick is a free agent. Many of the Rams QB mistakes were due to the receivers failing to do their job. If you want to give Goff hope, you need to put receivers he can trust to make a catch. The Rams were 31st in pass yards last season. This needs to change in a league were passing is the new trend.

San Francisco 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers were a overall bad team last season. They went through two quarterbacks last season, and couldn't find any offense. With Colin Kapernick opting out of his contract, the 49ers will need to find their next QB this offseason.

They were last in the league in pass yards per game with 182 yards a game. They have the No. 2 pick in the draft, and they were looking at Mitch Trubisky as their draft pick. They also were rumored to get Kirk Cousins in a trade with Washington. They lacked leadership at the QB spot last year, and they have to find that piece if they want to have a prosperous future.

The NFC West isn't a bad division, but it's not really worth looking at if you could flip a coin to see who wins that division. The bottom feeders of the division are in rebuild mode, so expect more of the same the next few years. But every team needs something, especially if you're rebuilding and that what these teams in the NFC West need this offseason to bring fire to a dry division.