The New York Jets are in a place where they are trying to get younger as they plan to build from the ground up once again. Last week they released their longtime center Nick Mangold, saving salary cap space in order to sign the younger talent they need. Tuesday night, they released another veteran player but for more than just financial reasons. The Jets are planning to release their all-pro corner Darrelle Revis, who is in his own personal battles this offseason.

Legal troubles

Darrelle Revis has a lot of problems already besides his inevitable release from the Jets.

Two weeks ago, Revis was in an altercation with two men in Pittsburgh, which lead to those men being knocked unconscious. According to reports, the men were following Revis and trying to record the star on their phone. Revis tried to take the phone from them and an altercation took place. The two men who were knocked unconscious were taken to the hospital, having broken bones.

The Pittsburgh police have charged Revis with felony charges of aggravated assault, robbery, conspiracy and terroristic threats. Revis turned himself into police a couple days after. His lawyer claims Revis was the victim in this case as he was going to look at a piece of property he wanted to invest in. Revis' character would say he wouldn't want any parts of an altercation of this nature, especially because of how much money he might lose, but we will know the truth as the case goes through the legal system.

Nothing was the same

Now his legal troubles might have a factor in why the Jets made this decision, but the biggest factor was probably his play over the last couple years. Revis made a comeback to the Jets in 2015 with a 5-year, $70 million deal with $39 million of that guaranteed. He hoped to find some magic from his first stint with New York, and he found a little, almost getting back to the postseason with Gang Green.

In this past season, Revis looked noticeably slower and he wasn't the same guy who was locking down top tier receivers in his heyday.

Revis failed to even contain No. 1 receivers, getting torched at any moment. A.J Green had a field day with him catching 12 passes for 180 and a touchdown (trust me I know, Green was on my fantasy team).

Many people were asking Revis to explain his sudden decline in which he replied "I'm old." There were rumors that Revis also quit on the team this season as leaked by on of Revis' confidants. With Revis, nothing was the same the second time around, as he performed well under what the Jets were paying him.

Saving cap room

The Cap hit for the Jets for keeping him on the team was going to be $15 million. That is the second most among corners only Josh Norman's being higher at $20 million. The Jets didn't want to take that hit for an underperforming player, and for a team who wants to get younger.

Jets owner Woody Johnson released a statement on Revis saying "Darrelle Revis is one of the greatest players to ever wear a Jets uniform.

"His combination of talent, preparation and instincts is rare and helped him become one of the most dominant players of his generation. I appreciate Darrelle's contributions to this organization and, wherever his career takes him, his home will always be here with the Jets." (ESPN). Revis went to twitter to thank the Jets Organization. Revis will be a free agent when the new NFL year starts March 9, but he is probably more focused on his legal problems. Expect a few teams to inquire about his services.