With the NFL Combine underway in Indianapolis, NFL team doctors have begun the process of poking and prodding each NFL draft prospect. This NFL Combine process is more important for some prospects than others, and that process seems to have angered former Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster, as he has been sent home from Indianapolis after a heated argument with a hospital worker. Exact details will undoubtedly emerge over the next few days, but this is terrible news for a player widely regarded as a top-10 pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

Reuben Foster's collegiate career

After two seasons of playing a part-time role for the Alabama Crimson Tide defense, Reuben Foster broke out in a big way this past season as a senior. After compiling 96 tackles over his first three seasons, Foster had 111 tackles this past season. He was considered Alabama's defensive leader, which is no small feat considering the pure dominance of the Crimson Tide defense over the years.

Foster's most impressive game is arguably his performance against the LSU Tigers, in which he finished the game with 11 tackles and half a sack. The Crimson Tide won the game 10-0. Foster and the Alabama defense helped hold Heisman hopeful running back Leonard Fournette (Who also was at the combine) to just 35 yards on 17 carries.

It was Fournette's worst game of his season.

NFL Combine and Reuben Foster's draft position

While Reuben Foster being dismissed won't help him in any way, NFL teams will likely be willing to look past this incident, but only under one condition: If he performs well at his pro-day workout. Scouts were undoubtedly interested in timing him in the 40-yard dash and interviewing him in private, as he's likely to be as close to NFL ready as a college prospect can be.

Teams will now need to take a deeper look at him after an incident that never should have happened.

How Foster handles questions regarding this incident in the future will be very important, as teams want to make sure they aren't drafting a future locker room problem. Coming from an elite college program and playing under Nick Saban will help him in the eyes of NFL teams, but being sent home from the NFL Combine is about as bad of a start as one could have to their NFL career.