peyton manning has proven over the years to be a man of many talents, starring on the football field for years while also once successfully hosting "Saturday Night Live" and endorsing every product known to man. As a retired celebrity, his name often comes up in various reports, such as this week's report that had Manning potentially interested in running for a senate seat that is expected to be vacated by a retiring Lamar Alexander. The former NFL great shot down those rumors this morning.

"I don't know where that came from. Last week I was going to run a [football] team, this week I'm going to apparently run for Senate, and next week I'll be astronaut," Manning said to KNTV (NBC) sports reporter Colin Resch.

"I have no interest in the political world, but would like to continue serving communities."

Manning of course isn't the first or last athlete to be linked to a political future, as it happens all the time. Most recently, Tim Tebow had been rumored to be eyeing a congressional run that never materialized.

NFL retirement and community outreach

Peyton Manning said he's retired for good and has no plans to ever play professional football again. His health is better, he said, but he's enjoying his retirement and has no plans to do anything too serious in the near future, which includes running for office. He will continue to help those who truly need it through his Peyback foundation which does a lot of great things throughout the country.

Manning always was a leading volunteer during his NFL playing days as well.

Peyton Manning's political ties

Peyton Manning did a great job hosting Saturday Night Live, showing a humorous side most sports fans were unaware he possessed. It truly was as popular as the new Donald Trump sketches. As he continued to show up on television pitching DirecTV and Papa John's Pizza, among other things, political rumors began to follow him around.

He seemed most comfortable in the spotlight; not as someone who craved attention, but as someone who was able to do his best under pressure from others. In theory, that's the kind of person we would want in the political world representing our interests.

As a University of Tennessee graduate, Peyton Manning is a bigger star in Tennessee then probably anywhere else in the country.

He's incredibly well-spoken and that would only help his popularity during a political run, which means he'd be almost guaranteed to win the Senate seat in 2020 if he wanted to. His quotes today seem to show he has no interest in doing so, though, so we can put it to rest once and for all.