The New York Jets have struggled to find playmakers over the past few seasons and part of that is due to their struggles at finding a great quarterback. Whoever starts in New York in 2017 will have to do so now without the best offensive weapon the team has possessed the last two years. The Jets officially released wide receiver Brandon Marshall on Friday.

Brandon Marshall's farewell to the New York Jets

At one time, Brandon Marshall was seen as a "me-first" player, a wide receiver whose mouth was as big as his talent. When he played for the Chicago Bears, he was never quiet about his discontent with the balls thrown to him by Jay Cutler.

However, in the two years he played in New York, Marshall seems to have grown into a team leader as much as a solid NFL starter. As he leaves the Jets, Marshall made sure to thank the ownership and coaches, his teammates, and the New York Jets fans, who he called "incredibly loyal" in his farewell message. The move will save the Jets $7.5 million.

What is next for Brandon Marshall

Brandon Marshall has played for four teams over his NFL career. After four years where he was one of the best receivers in the NFL for the Denver Broncos, he moved on to the Miami Dolphins, where he struggled on a losing team. He rebounded with the Chicago Bears, becoming an elite receiver again, and then had a great season in 2015 for the New York Jets before the quarterback problems caused his numbers to slip in 2016.

When it comes to 2017, Marshall said that he wants to find a new team where he can possibly finally win his first Super Bowl championship. Brandon ranks 18th in career receptions in the NFL with 941 and ranks third in active players with 82 career touchdowns. Marshall won't have trouble finding a new team in 2017, although he joins a crowded wide receiver group in the NFL free agency.

Where do the New York Jets go from here?

The bigger question is what the New York Jets are doing. The Brandon Marshall release was just part of the overall purging the Jets have done this offseason. Todd Boyles and the owners of the Jets are clearing house and there is no telling what New York will look like when the 2017 NFL season rolls around.

The team also might release Eric Decker, eliminating both of the Jets' top receivers from the equation. There is also uncertainty over the quarterback position still and 2017 will be a very interesting season for the New York Jets and their loyal fans.