It seems easy for Dallas Cowboys fans to ignore players who disrespected them in the past when those players sign with the team. It looks like there might be a case where the fans might have to look the other way again. ESPN reported that the Dallas Cowboys free agent rumors have added DeSean Jackson to the list of possible signees.

DeSean Jackson's history with the Dallas Cowboys

DeSean Jackson has played for nine seasons in the NFL. He started out with the Philadelphia Eagles for the first six seasons and made his name by showboating and making other teams look foolish.

As a huge rival of the Dallas Cowboys, he often worked hard to show up America's Team every chance he got For the last three seasons, Jackson has played for the Washington Redskins, a team that is actually the most hated rival of the Cowboys and have been since Dallas debuted in the NFL in 1960. One of the best memories for Cowboys fans was when DeSeaon showboated after a touchdown but tossed the ball down before reaching the end zone, a huge blunder.

DeSean Jackson and Dez Bryant

One of the big reasons that Dallas Cowboys fans should just let the past remain the past is that DeSean could be a huge complimentary player to Dez Bryant. Easily one of the best wide receivers in the NFL, Dez is a big man who can overpower cornerbacks and pull down balls, bullying his way down the field.

What the Dallas Cowboys need is a fast receiver, like when Alvin Harper teamed up alongside Michael Irvin in the '90s. Terrance Williams has done nothing to show he is a top-caliber receiver and someone with Jackon's speed will make Bryant an even more dangerous target.

DeSean Jackson vs. The 2017 NFL Draft

The Cowboys have proven over the last few years that they don't want to overspend on free agents.

Stephen Jones has explained in the past that if a superstar is leaving a team, there has to be a good reason for it. That means that the Cowboys could instead look to the NFL Draft for another receiver. The Cowboys will almost surely go with pass rushers in the 2017 NFL Draft early and often. However, their first round pick is very late thanks to their 13-win season.

There is a player that could be available there in Washington wide receiver John Ross, a player called a "DeSean Jackson clone" by experts.

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