The Nebraska Football team is going to be hosting one of its biggest and best targets of the 2018 class. That target also just happens to be the school's top quarterback target of this class, four-star quarterback Colson Yankoff is apparently planning to come to Lincoln later this month, according to what can only be described as an encrypted tweet from the Huskers' offensive coordinator.

Danny Langsdorf tweeted out that he can't wait for the player (who remained nameless in the announcement) to come visit later this month. He used a number of emojis in order to give hints to who is going to be getting a better look at the Nebraska football team and its facilities.

Deciphering the code

The first clue that the Nebraska football offensive coordinator was talking about a specific player was the fact that he used a blonde headed boy whenever he was referring directly to Yankoff (who he cannot mention by name until after signing day). Also included in the tweet was a potato emoji and several trees, as well as the hashtag, #EstoPerpetua.

The motto is the latin phrase meaning "let it be perpetual" which doesn't make a whole lot of sense until you realize that this phrase is also the state motto of Idaho. Yankoff is playing his high school ball in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. Putting all those clues together allows sharp-eyed sleuths to draw the conclusion that the highly touted quarterback is planning to see the Huskers program.

Still facing stiff competition

While Yankoff seems to be looking hard at the Nebraska football program at the moment, it's still going to be a long slog in order to get him to commit to the Huskers.

While Yankoff was once a commit to Oregon, he's still considering the Ducks and could eventually become a commit to that school yet again.

Stanford is also in the mix for the number six rated dual-threat quarterback. At the moment, 247Sports has Yankoff as being equally torn between the three schools, making his visit to see the Huskers that much more important. Just when Colson is planning on visiting is still up in the air.