The Ncaa Tournament begins on Thursday, as 64 teams will try to capture the title. Fans have other aspirations, as many of them will try to be the first one to fill out the perfect bracket. Nobody has been able to correctly pick all the games in the tournament's history, but will this year be the year?

To put these chances in perspective, you have a better chance of getting crushed to death by a vending machine than getting the elusive perfect bracket. There are certain things one should put in their bracket: an upset, a one seed in the final four, and a double digit in the sweet 16.

If you're looking for tips on how to make that perfect bracket, you came to the right place.

No. 1 seeds

The number one seeds in the tournament are given that seed for a reason. They are the best teams entering the tournament according to the committee. In the first round, you should go with all one seeds winning and moving on to the second round. One seeds are 128-0 against the 16 seeds in the first round, so stats and history back up that pick. When facing either the eight or nine seed in the second round, one seeds are 111-17.

So picking two one seeds to make it into the sweet 16 is a safe selection. History doesn't favor one seeds making it into the final four. Since 1985, more than two one seeds have made the final four only twice.

So you should pick a one seed falling either in the sweet 16 or elite eight.

One seeds are a safe bet for the majority of the tournament, as they glide through the first two rounds according to history. Where you find chaos is in the sweet 16, where many one seeds can fall. Take your one seeds in to the sweet 16, then start having them fall victim to upsets.

Twelve seed upsets

The most prevalent upset in the tournament is the 12 seed upsetting the five seed in the first round. In last year's tournament, 12 seeds were 3-1 against the five seed, causing many brackets to be destroyed before the round of 32. 12 seeds are mid major schools, so they get overlooked in the selection process and the five seeds don't take them as seriously as they should.

No. 12 seeds are 21-10-1 (67.7 percent) over the last eight years, per OddsShark.

Twelve seeds is the safest bet if you want an upset and you should make sure you have at least one upset in your bracket. Many people don't see the upset happening, and their bracket is busted when it happens.

Double-Digit magic

Double digit seeds have had some magic in the NCAA tournament. At least one double digit seed has made it past the first weekend in 29 of 31 years in the tournament since the field expanded to 64 teams. There have been three double-digit seeds in the tournament for five straight years from 2010-2014. Double digits have some magic in the tournament, dubbing the name "Cinderella team." In round two when a double digit seed is facing a 6 seed or worse, revert back to the reliable high seed.

The higher seeded team is 32-6 in the second round. Even if a 12 seed is facing a 13 seed, pick the higher seed.

There is a very small chance someone will crack the code of Bracketology and have the perfect bracket by time the tournament is over. There is a one in 28 million chance one will have a perfect bracket. There is still a shot, and if somebody follows these tips on how to format their bracket, they could have the chance of getting that bracket 100 percent right. Happy March Madness!