The NCAA Selection Show was aired on Sunday and with that came the announcement of College Basketball's best teams following the regular season and the conference tournaments. The top seeds in the Ncaa Tournament this year will be the Kansas Jayhawks, the Villanova Wildcats, the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and the North Carolina Tar Heels. They are the projected Final Four this year, although with the stunning upsets that NCAA basketball playoffs so often produce each of those teams has a lot of work to do to make the national semifinals in early April.

UCLA misses out on No. 1 seed

This time last week, the UCLA Bruins were a team that was definitely in the mix for a top seed. They were 3rd ranked in the AP Poll and looking ahead at their conference tournament. However, that tournament ended with a loss to the Arizona Wildcats 86-75 and with that came a lost opportunity. UCLA dropped all the way down to a No. 3 seed, they are in the South Region, and they might face the 29-5 Cincinnati Bearcats in the second round.

Kansas losing in conference tourney not hurting

The Kansas Jayhawks entered last week as the top-ranked team in the nation following Gonzaga's loss to BYU. The Jayhawks would suffer an upset of their own in their conference tournament, falling to 28-4 on the season after losing to TCU.

Perhaps if UCLA or Oregon had won their conference tournament then the Jayhawks might have dipped down to a two seed following such a bad loss (TCU didn't make the tournament). However, the Jayhawks were spared that debate and they now share a path to the Final Four with Louisville, Oregon, and Purdue.

Of the No. 1 seeds, only Villanova and Gonzaga won their conference tournaments.

The Wildcats, who are the defending champions this March/April, defeated Creighton in the final while the Bulldogs defeated Saint Mary's. That does give both conference champions some momentum and confidence to build off of as they prepare to play the bottom dwellers in this year's tournament.

The First Four will be played this week on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Round of 64 games will start on Thursday and Friday and the Sweet 16 will be set by this time next week.