Last week, Nebraska Football head coach Mike Riley made it clear he had seen some separation when it came to the starting running back position. Riley also said he didn't want to say who was leading the pack because he wanted to continue to see the kind of competition he had seen so far. There were plenty of people guessing about who the mystery lead runner was with the consensus deciding it was likely true sophomore Tre Bryant. Recent comments by running backs coach Reggie Davis might mean the leader is actually darkhorse candidate Mikale Wilbon.

Wilbon said to have taken the leap

Make no mistake, Wilbon has always been considered a player who has the potential to make a big impact. Of all the backs that have strapped on the pads for the Nebraska football team since Ameer Abdullah left, Wilbon has been the one coaches have looked at to be a game breaker.

The problem for the Junior, is that he's never been able to put all the skills needed to be the starter, together. Davis has often said Wilbon's understanding of the playbook simply hasn't been good enough.

The running back has also had his fair share of fumble problems. As the Omaha World-Herald points out, Mikale often gets compared to Terrell Newby. The difference is Wilbon has a higher ceiling and Newby turned the ball over less.

This spring, it appears Wilbon has made the leap to a complete player.

Nebraska coaches signing his praises

Reggie Davis appears to be very excited about what Wilbon could bring to the football field this fall. “You see all the stuff you knew he had,” Davis told the World Herald. “You’re seeing the quickness, you’re seeing the speed, you’re seeing his ability to even pick up guys in protection and block.

He’s been doing a really good job in pass protection. You’re seeing all the aspects of the position.”

If Wilbon's knowledge of the playbook was keeping him off the field, so was his pass blocking. That's why the talk of that aspect of his game improving big time should be great news to Nebraska football fans. If this continues, Mikale Wilbon could steal that starting job right out from under his teammates.