The most coveted single game performance in basketball is the Triple Double performance. During Wednesday night's 103-99 loss to the Boston Celtics at the TD Garden, LeBron James recorded his 49th career regular-season triple double. Leaving the kid from Akron just one triple double performance away from his 50th of his regular season career. This is a milestone that only 6 others in NBA history have reached, including: Oscar Robertson with 181 triple doubles, magic johnson with 138, Jason Kidd with 107, Wilt Chamberlain with 78, Russell Westbrook with 67 (an absurd 30 already this season) and Larry Bird who finished his respective career with 59 triple doubles.

Where does LeBron rank in total triple doubles for the playoffs and finals?

LeBron "King" James has 16 triple doubles NBA playoff history, 7 of those coming in the NBA finals. Those 16 TD's have him ranked in second place all time, only trailing Magic Johnson who recorded 30 triple double performances in the playoffs. Similarly in the NBA finals, LeBron James only ranks one spot behind Magic Johnson who has racked up 8 triple doubles in the finals, compared to LeBron's 7. Can LeBron James keep adding to his triple double totals in the regular season and the playoffs to continue setting milestones? Finally, can LeBron James pass Magic Johnson this year in NBA finals TD's? He only needs two performances to do so.

The ultimate career triple double?

For his whole career, LeBron James has always been a triple double threat. He's the only player in NBA history to average at least 27+ PPG, 7+ RPG and 7+ APG over his career, showing how consistently LeBron has been collecting all around statistics across the board. King James who started his NBA career at a young age, and kept a consistent statline over a long healthy career with many years left ahead of him, has a chance to become the only player in NBA History to reach 30K+ points, 10K+ rebounds and 10K+ assists. That is the definition of the ultimate career triple double!