Former Basketball superstar Kobe Bryant reveals that he hasn't been hooping much in almost a year now since the final game of his career. The five-time NBA champion had his last game for the Los Angeles Lakers last April against the Utah Jazz. He scored 60 points against the Jazz at Staples Center to put an end to his rich basketball career. ''Since I scored 60 (points),'' Bryant revealed on "ESPN First Take," ''I like to shoot with my kids every now and then, but in terms of playing (no)...''

It's all good and great in Kobe Bryant's life

Kobe Bryant doesn't seem to be depressed knowing that his playing days are over.

The game of basketball has been a big part of Bryant's life, but he is handling it all well, even though he is not a pro anymore. The 38-year-old first came to the league in 1996, and retired 20 years after in 2016. He has a passion outside of hoops, which has helped him so much to stay ''happy.'' Bryant first came to the NBA in 1996 as a pick of the Charlotte Hornets before being traded to Los Angeles.

''I know it's strange, but it's a blessing,'' Bryant said, when it was acknowledged that he has ''made no apologies'' for the fact that he is not missing basketball. ''When you grow up playing the game your whole life, and this is what you identify yourself with the whole time, it's very hard to find something else.

You know, I've been very fortunate, very blessed to have a passion I love every bit as much as playing basketball.''

Think in advance

No player can be a professional basketball player forever. Kobe Bryant was well aware of that fact and that is one of the reasons why he is not feeling bad at the moment. The former Los Angeles Lakers player has noted to the young generation that they have to ''think in advance.''

''For the young guys coming up, as you're going through your career it's important that you start looking for things that you're equaly as passionate about,'' Bryant added. ''Because when the music stops and the game is over and just trying to figure it out're already too late.''