Kobe Bean Bryant had a long and legendary career in the NBA. 18-time NBA All-Star, 11-time first team selection, 5 NBA championships, 2 Finals MVP's, a regular season MVP and 4 All-Star game MVP's are just a few outstanding accomplishments from the icon. But, through all these great accomplishments in a 20-year career, there were many injuries for the Mamba. These injuries took a toll on his career, forcing KB24 to miss 294 regular season games in his career, while missing the majority of games in various seasons. So, Kobe knows all about injuries and how important it is to be healthy.

He talked about LeBron's importance and resting, something a lot of people are ignoring.

Kobe Bryant on LeBron resting games

In a one on one interview with Max Kellerman from ESPN's "First Take," Kobe Bryant discussed the situation of players resting games, specifically LeBron James. Kobe stated: "LeBron has done so much for the game... he's earned the oppurtunity to be able to take a rest." Kobe and LBJ have had their fair share of battles over the years, but this doesn't take away from the respect and appreciation Kobe has for the 4-time MVP. And KB believes that the King deserves to rest games at particular points throughout the season. Not only because it promotes a healthier playoff run but also because he deserves it.

Kobe also mentioned that LeBron has done a lot for the game of basketball, saying "he's done so much to elevate the game," something Kobe himself has done for the sport also.

Kobe does think about the fans

In the situation of resting players, the party who takes the biggest loss is the fans. The fans pay big money to watch games, and when they come to that game just to find out that they won't be seeing a particular player, it can make the fans disinterested and they can feel like they wasted their money. Kobe on the situation: "When you miss a game there's that one kid that's not going to see his favorite player play." While feeling for the fans, Kobe reiterated that LBJ has earned the right to rest.