Questions are swirling right now around the Washington Redskins and Kirk Cousins. There's some speculation that Cousins wants to reunite with head coach Kyle Shanahan in San Francisco, and Cousins has reportedly suggested that they are the only other team he would play for. If the Redskins did choose to trade Cousins, they would likely receive a king's ransom in draft picks, but would also lose their franchise guy. So how are the Redskins approaching negotiations with Cousins?


Washington tried to tag Cousins. It hasn't worked. Under the franchise tag, Kirk Cousins will make $23.9 Million in 2017.

But it's not the long term deal that Kirk Cousins and his camp are looking for. He and his agent are looking for a deal of a much longer length that includes a significant amount of guaranteed money. The temporary franchise tag would mean that there would again be increased pressure and spotlight on Cousins' performance in 2017.

If Cousins refuses to sign the franchise tag, it wouldn't be unreasonable. But requesting a long term deal that pays him more than most quarterbacks in the NFL make? That would be insane.

NFL Quarterback Salaries.

The highest paid quarterback in the NFL is Andrew Luck, who makes $24.6 million a year. Drew Brees makes slightly less at $24.3 million each season. But those are the only two quarterbacks in the NFL with yearly salaries above the $24 million that Kirk seems to be looking for.

For reference, here are the other quarterbacks on the highest paid list.

  • Joe Flacco: $22.1 million
  • Aaron Rodgers: $22 million
  • Russell Wilson $21.9 million
  • Ben Roethlisberger $21.85 million
  • Carson Palmer $21 million
  • Eli Manning $21 million

The Redskins have reportedly offered Cousins a contract in the $20 million per year range. That doesn't seem that unreasonable when you compare the number to what some of the best quarterbacks in the league make.

The offer could probably be a little bit higher, but it certainly shouldn't be anywhere near the $24 million per year range. If Cousins continues to be unreasonable, the Redskins may have to consider trading their star quarterback.