The Washington Redskins finished the 2016 season on a sour note, losing in week 17 to the Giants and missing the playoffs. But that doesn't mean there weren't some great moments along the way. And those great moments were created by the some of the best players on the team. Let's count down the best 5 Redskins from the 2016 offensive roster.

1. Kirk Cousins.

There might be a lot of speculation about the quarterback in Washington right now, but there should be no speculation about his performance in 2016. In his 2016 season, Cousins threw for almost 5000 yards and passed for 25 touchdowns.

He had a quarterback rating of 97.2 and threw just 12 interceptions during the year. The potential franchise quarterback was an integral part of most wins and is clearly one of the most important players on the team.

2. Jamison Crowder.

The Redskins wide receiver might not have led the Redskins in Receiving Yards, but his impact was undeniable. Crowder had seven touchdowns and 847 receiving yards in a breakout 2016 year and emerged as one of Kirk Cousins' favorite targets.

3. DeSean Jackson.

The speedy wide receiver will be a free agent in 2017 and the Redskins will have a big decision to make. In 2016, Jackson had more than 1000 receiving yards and four touchdowns. The talented wide receiver unsurprisingly had the highest average catch number on the team as a deep threat.

4. Robert Kelley.

Kelley deserves a spot on this list for emerging late in the season. Once upon a time, Washington relied upon a fumble prone Matt Jones to carry the rock. In 2016, Kelley became the Redskins go to option. He finished the season with more than 700 rushing yards and six touchdowns, even though he didn't become the full time starter until week 7.

5. Pierre Garcon.

Jordan Reed would get a spot on this list if he had remained healthy for the entire year. But the spot instead belongs to Pierre Garcon, who led the Washington Redskins in both receiving yards and receptions. In 2016, Garcon had 79 catches and more than 1100 receiving yards. Those are pretty solid statistics for a 30 year old wide receiver.