The Washington Redskins have been clouded with ‘fake-news’ and constant turmoil this offseason. Through each step, the media sits perched ready to fan any small resemblance of a spark into what they hope becomes a five-alarm fire. It’s left many Redskins fans, and media members longing for the hot and sunny training camp days in Richmond, Virginia where nothing but the topic of football dominates discussions.

After dealing with pointless discussions about non-football topics for weeks, it was like a ray of beautiful sunshine to see that a group of Redskins receivers, and quarterbacks meet up with Jon Gruden in Tampa Bay, Florida today.

The workout has become something that Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins has grown used to doing during this time of the year.

The coach’s brother gives Redskins group alternative practice situation

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden is not allowed by NFL rules to hold any practices for his receivers or quarterbacks. But it is completely legal for those same players to practice with his older brother, as long as Jay is not there, and they are away from Redskins Park. Jon Gruden of course is a Super Bowl winning coach who currently does analysis on Monday Night Football.

Today Redskins players Kirk Cousins, Nate Sudfeld, Jamison Crowder, Terrelle Pryor and Josh Doctson practiced together as a unit in Tampa.

Kirk Cousins is said to be the one who organized the session in Gruden’s hometown, where Cousins has practiced the last few offseason’s.

Doctson is physically ready for the 2017 season

Josh Doctson, the team’s number one draft pick in 2016, was at the meeting with Gruden today. Immediately following the workout Doctson tweeted “100%.” An obvious signal pointing towards his health finally being at 100 percent.

The Redskins have waited patiently for the talented receiver to recover and become the big time target they need.

The group posted a series of pictures on Pryor’s Snapchat account showing themselves together along with Gruden. While the details of the day are unknown, it's a good sign to see this group together.

Pryor posts every day with his workouts, and “no-days off” attitude that seem to have him directed towards greatness. His talents are unmeasurable, and if he were to stay with Kirk big things could follow in the future.