Hue Jackson, the coach of the Cleveland Browns, is still debating on who he should pick for the upcoming draft. The media have absolutely hounded him on who is being picked for their 11 draft picks.

Obviously, Jackson couldn’t talk about who he was picking, but he made it very obvious that he was looking for ballers as they had a shot for five of the first 65 drafts. Jackson said he is looking for people who can impact the team as a whole and right away. He continues to say that besides their needs, they want to up some of their areas to get better and that he wants players who will contribute to the team.

Who is Jackson picking for the Draft

Besides their new drafts, Jackson is hoping to get Terrelle Pryor, a quarterback from Ohio State, after they failed to sign him before the deadline earlier this week.

Jackson believes that Pryor will be able to play even better, possibly have his best year in football, on his team. Jackson remains optimistic despite the rough start him, and his team had. The Browns have the number 1 and number 12 overall picks and could allow their fans to have hope.

Is Mitch Trubisky an option for the upcoming Draft?

Mitch Trubisky is a 6’2 former North Carolina quarterback, and the Browns are seriously considering him. Jackson called Trubisky a tremendous player but did not confirm nor deny if he was leaning to him.

Trubisky said in an interview that he would love to play for the Browns and that his hometown roots, (as he had been brought up in the Cleveland area) would be discussed when he would meet with the Browns throughout the process. Jackson confirmed that he knew this, going on to say that he would have to know whether or not Trubisky could play well on his home turf, as some people do and some don’t.

He stated that everyone, meaning head coaches and scouts, does digging on possible drafts.

The wait is on

The question remains, though: who is Hue Jackson going to pick on April 27-29? Some people think Jackson has a very clear plan on who will be picked, while others believe that he has no idea. Despite the many options, Hue Jackson is still debating on who he should pick for the upcoming draft.