In Houston for the NFL combine, former Nebraska Football player Cethan Carter was asked who he thought would be the starting signal caller for the Huskers this season. His answer appeared to jump between being politically correct and making some comments that were either false or misinformed.

The bottom line appears to be, he has no idea who is going to win the starting quarterback job at Nebraska. At the very least, it doesn't appear the tight end wants to get in the way of what is the biggest story of the spring and the biggest quarterback battle the Huskers have had in decades.

'If he was that good he would have played'

When the former Nebraska football receiver was asked who he really thought would win the job, he made comments that seemed to indicate either man could take the job. What has some people raising their eyebrows is when he turned his attention squarely to Patrick O'Brien. O'Brien has gotten more attention because no one has seen him play at the college level and he put up huge numbers in High school.

O'Brien was even rumored to have been getting ready to suit up a couple of times when Nebraska's first two quarterbacks got hurt. He never did get into a game. Carter, talking about how good he heard O'Brien was supposed to be made a comment that seemed to throw his talent into question.

“I mean, if he was that good, he would’ve played,” Carter told Landof10.

The case against Tanner Lee

When it comes to the Nebraska football team's quarterback battle, the problem is that Tanner Lee had to transfer out of Tulane in order to get another shot at a starting job. If he was that good, he would have played last year at Tulane could be said about Lee.

Of course, we know that Lee came to Nebraska because the Green Wave are changing their offense.

The Nebraska football team's offense appears to be better suited to the transfer's talents. There really are question marks surrounding both of the quarterbacks at Nebraska simply because no one has seen them play for the Huskers. It doesn't appear Cethan Carter has any inside info he wants to share.