Last night the Boston Celtics hosted the Phoenix Suns, and Devin Booker made NBA history by scoring 70 points. It was the most points scored in an NBA game since Kobe Bryant's legendary 81 point game in January 2006. With Booker's point barrage, he became the ninth player this season to score at least 50 points in a match, which is a new record.

Devin Booker's game against Boston

Devin Booker was 21-40 shooting from the field, 4-11 on three-pointers and 24-26 from the free throw line. To go along with his 70 points, he also had 8 rebounds, 6 assists, 3 steals and 1 block.

Booker also made more NBA history by scoring the most points ever in a game against the Boston Celtics. He broke Hall of Famer Elgin Baylor's long-standing record of 64 that he set all the way back on November 8, 1959. He also broke the record for most points in a game by a Suns player, breaking Tom Chambers 27-year-old record by 10 points. However, Celtic players did seem unhappy that Suns coach Earl Watson decided to use multiple timeouts and intentionally fouled in the fourth quarter with the game out of reach to aid Booker in reaching the 70 point mark.

Is Devin Booker already a future Hall of Famer?

With his 70 points last night, Devin Booker had only the 11th game in NBA history in which 70 plus points got dropped.

He also became only the 6th player in NBA history to accomplish the feat. He also had the 68th game in NBA history in which 60 or more points got scored and was only the 24th player to do so. Booker also became the youngest player in history to ever score at least 60 points and 70 points in a game. Out of the 24 players to drop 60 or more points in a game, 16 of them are in the Hall of Fame.

That leaves seven players, not counting Booker, who is not in. Tracy McGrady is a Hall of Fame finalist this year, while LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Carmelo Anthony are all locks to make it in. Three-time NBA All-Star Klay Thompson has a chance depending on how the rest of his career goes. This leaves Gilbert Arenas and Tom Chambers as the only odd men out.