Many people feel that the best thing that the Dallas Cowboys can do is go ahead and make a decision on whether they will release or trade Tony Romo and get it over with. While trading the player could bring in some value, releasing him could save the Cowboys more money. However, Cowboys team owner Jerry Jones seems unwilling to let go of his record-setting quarterback and said there is no decision yet on his future in Dallas.

Jerry Jones waiting to make decision

It is true that the Dallas Cowboys have some time before they need to make a decision on what to do with Tony Romo.

The 2017 NFL Draft is not until April 27, so there should be a decision by then. The Cowboys could wait until after that if they plan to release Romo depending on how much money that they want to save. However, Jerry Jones has a lot of respect for Tony and will give his quarterback all the chances in the world to find a new home in order to start for a team and possibly win big.

Will Dallas Cowboys keep Tony Romo?

One big question is whether or not the Dallas Cowboys will simply keep Tony Romo. Jerry Jones wants Romo around in case Dak Prescott falters in his sophomore season. If an injury to Prescott happened, there isn't a better replacement than Romo available in the NFL. But, Jerry Jones can't keep Romo.

For one thing, he respects Tony and if Romo wants to start, it would be cruel to handcuff him somewhere that won't let him play. Second, Dallas could save $10.7 million if they cut Romo after June 1. The Cowboys are also hurting in free agency because they have to hold his $25 million cap charge until they release him while other teams are spending money.

Who could take Tony Romo?

While Jerry Jones said that there is no decision made concerning Tony Romo and his future with the Dallas Cowboys yet, there are talks going on. Teams like the Houston Texans and Denver Broncos could be immediate Super Bowl contenders if they add Romo to their squad. Teams like the Chicago Bears, San Francisco 49ers, and Buffalo Bills could instantly improve with him at quarterback. However, the NFL and fans are waiting for Jerry Jones to make his decision before moving on to the 2017 NFL season.