The Dallas Cowboys have an important decision to make when it comes to quarterback Tony Romo. The team will almost surely move on from Tony before the 2017 NFL season because Romo feels he can play two or three more seasons at a high level and they have Dak Prescott entrenched as the new starting quarterback.

However, a Romo trade is unlikely because his contract calls for him to make $14 million in 2017, another $19.5 million in 2018, and then a monstrous $20.5 million in 2019. Most teams can't afford that type of salary hit.

Here are the five most likely destinations for Tony Romo in the 2017 NFL season.

Tony Romo to the Denver Broncos

In 2011, Peyton Manning sat out the entire season injured and Andrew Luck took over and became the new Indianapolis Colts starting quarterback. While the Colts were ready to move on, Manning was not and signed with the Denver Broncos. It was a perfect marriage as Manning led the Broncos to a Super Bowl in 2013 as the NFL MVP and then won a Super Bowl in his final NFL season in 2015. Tony Romo could dream of a similar farewell to the NFL after failing to play in a Super Bowl with the Dallas Cowboys.

Tony Romo to the Houston Texans

Over his career, Tony has made it clear that he loves living in Texas. The Houston Texans have been to the playoffs two years in a row without a decent quarterback.

They thought they found their man with Brock Osweiler but he lost his starting job and only played the postseason due to and injury to Tom Savage. Romo would make the Houston Texans an immediate Super Bowl contender.

Tony Romo to the Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears hitched their team to the shoulders of Jay Cutler for way too many years.

While Culter puts up good numbers, he has proven that he is not a leader on the field and has not led the team to success no matter who they surround him with. Replacing Cutler with Romo would immediately make them a better team.

Tony Romo to the San Francisco 49ers

This almost surely will not happen. The San Francisco 49ers were a playoff caliber team and were one step from the Super Bowl when Jim Harbaugh was their head coach.

Since Harbaugh left, the 49ers have become the worst team in the NFC. It is doubtful that bringing in Tony to replace Colin Kaepernick would be enough to change things in San Francisco and Tony won't want to rebuild a team in his final three seasons.

Tony Romo Stays with the Dallas Cowboys

If the Dallas Cowboys want to give Dak Prescott some more weapons on defense, they have to shed some salary cap money. If the Cowboys release him before June 1, he counts $19.6 million against the salary cap. If they release him after June 1, he counts $10.7 this year and then $8.9 million in 2018. If they keep him, he counts $24.7 million against the cap. However, Jerry Jones loves Tony Romo and having the best backup quarterback in the NFL is nice, but it is not something that the quarterback wants. He wants to play so he will end up somewhere else in 2017.